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Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About DogWatch of Southeastern Ontario

Allie I. – Mulville

I trust this fence 110% I can not tell you how much we love this we can not say enough good things about the system, the CUSTOMER SERVICE will BLOW you away I LOVE Trix!!!! Her husband mom and dad are the nicest people I have met and are all around AMAZING people.Thank you so much DogWatch I stand behind you guys all the way!!!!

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Allie I. – Mulville

Heather C. DVM

Have always loved the service provided and the piece of mind this fence provides.

Allie I. – Mulville

I ONLY HAD THE OPTION TO GIVE 5 STARS BUT THESE GUYS DESERVE 100+. We put the hidden fence in two years ago for our dogs and my husband and I would recommend it anyone with a pet we were blown away with how well it works. We now have 4 Labs and they will not cross that line for anything. We also have the training collar for hunting and it is also wonderful and easy to use we are now excited that they have the Bark collar to offer and at a SUPER amazing price. If you are at all doubting getting the hidden fence system don't as long as you follow the instructions and do the training properly you will have peace of mind well your dog is outside. I trust this fence 110% I can not tell you how much we love this we can not say enough good things about the system, the CUSTOMER SERVICE will BLOW you away I LOVE Trix!!!! Her husband mom and dad are the nicest people I have met and are all around AMAZING people.Thank you so much DogWatch I stand behind you guys all the way!!!!

Beverly B.

I love our Dogwatch fence! I was worried it would not work with my escape artists but it has kept them safe for over a year now. I would recommend it to anyone. They also have the best service ever! They always get back to me immediately even on weekends and in the evenings. Thanks Dogwatch.

Celia P. – Ivanhoe, Ontario

The DogWatch Hidden Fence System is wonderful!

We have 4 cats and 2 dogs on the system and just love the freedom it gives them as well as us. We no longer run every time we hear excited barking and we don't have to check the road regularly for animals - dead or alive. We live on a relatively quiet backroad but have had numerous bad encounters with traffic and lost many cats to vehicles. It is not a pleasant experience. Now, because of the DogWatch System, we let our animals run most of the time and we know that they stay on the property - about 4 acres are "fenced" - and they are much more contented (and fit).

The dogs were easy to train and their collars are set at a lower level. They wrestle constantly and use the collars for grip.....but, amazingly, they have not damaged them.Training the cats was more of a challenge (as anyone who has a cat will understand) but with a bit of patience and a long, retractable leash they were all trained in a couple of weeks. The cats quickly became accustomed to wearing a collar, but set at a higher level as they are renowned for their stubbornness! Rarely do we see any of our animals test the barrier - and then only one beep does the trick.

All in all, the system, though costly for so many animals, has definitely proved its worth. We only wish we had installed it earlier and given other pets its benefits.

Susan V. – Millhaven, Ontario

I have been using your system since April, 2000, and I wanted to express my trust and joy with the DogWatch system.

Molly, our black Lab, is free to play on our property without my fear of her taking off to chase rabbits, get into neighbour's garbage or even worse, getting to the highway. She is a valued member of our family and thanks again for offering and installing our system for us.

Sandi & Mike W. – Belleville, Ontario

I just had to write this note to let you know that the dogs are doing fine and are staying within bounds EVERY TIME WE LEAVE THE HOUSE! I am so excited (and I'm sure they are too) about having this system. Rylee (the Golden retreiver), is doing really well and is just loving his new freedom. Maddi (the chocolate), is playing ball and carrying on as usual without getting near the line. As a matter of fact, there have been a few times when we forgot to put her collar on - and she still stays within the limits.

We do have one issue however, and that is the cats seem to know where the limit is and they tease the dogs like mad. Both dogs just look at them and carry on their merry way. Many many thanks.

Carolyn G.

We had Dogwatch of Southeastern Ontario installed on our property and it was the best investment we have ever made!! We are at ease knowing that our dog is safe from ever running off our property and getting hurt or worse killed. When we bought our new home it was the first thing we had done. Brad is wonderful to work with and the entire family is friendly and super to deal with. I recommended this system to two other families who also bought it from Brad and they are very, very happy and so are their dogs!"

Raymond M. – internationally known Animal Behavior Therapist

The first two words that come to my mind when I think about DogWatch® are quality and innovation. DogWatch has the best technology on the market today. Competitive systems come close, but the features available on DogWatch systems simply have them beat. The people at DogWatch care as much about your dog as you do, and they will see to it that you and your dog are happy with your purchase.

DogWatch Dealers are professionals who will not only install the system, but train your dog for successful containment. I cannot overstate how important this is. Training is the key to the effectiveness of the system, and DogWatch dealers follow the same behavioral and conditioning principles professional trainers use. In addition, a DogWatch Hidden Fence is in itself a 24 hour trainer for your dog. The system reinforces what the dog has already been trained to do by your Dealer - respect the boundaries you have set.

Finally, speaking as a trainer, I know DogWatch products are not only effective, they are safe. They will not hurt your dog. The fact is that a slight correction is much better for your dog than risking a potentially fatal run-in with a car on a busy street. And that means more peace of mind for you.

For quality, safety, innovation, and effectiveness, I recommend DogWatch to my clients and to you.

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